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About Cabo Verde

Cape Verde is a true paradise for all those who love sun, beach and sea - an invitation to swim, surf, dive, fish and take unforgettable walks along the untouched coastline. The year-round mild and dry tropical climate with average temperatures of 25 - 30 degrees, only a few rainy days and a low humidity is especially good for health and offers in combination with the warm, clean ocean ideal conditions for an active and relaxing vacation - even in the winter months! Just for this reason also an ideal place to spend the winter without stress.

But not only the weather and the beautiful white sandy beaches, for whose beauty the island of Maio is especially known, but also the friendliness and hospitality of the Cape Verdeans, their music, which is popular far beyond the borders, the fish, which is prepared freshly caught here and last but not least the good accessibility from Europe - the islands are only 4 hours away from Portugal by plane - make them an increasingly popular destination.

Thus, Cape Verde, which is also a safe country, is in the process of becoming one of the world's most interesting tourist destinations and offers the opportunity to invest in a growing industry. The basis for this is the given political and economic stability. The national currency, the Cape Verde Escudo, is coupled to the Euro and this guarantees further security for investments in a piece of beautiful and peaceful living space, where the world is still in order.

Come - Maio is waiting for you!